Zoe Bachman ’10

Company / School: Codecademy

Position / Degree: Senior Director of Curriculum and Instructional Design


  • BA, Anthropology, Vassar College
  • Master of Professional Studies, Interactive Telecommunications, New York University

As the Senior Curriculum Director at Codecademy, Zoe Bachman (she/her) finds new ways to make learning to code more accessible and engaging based on her experience as a creative technologist and classroom teacher. She’s designed a range of Codecademy courses including Learn HTML, Learn C#, and the beginner-friendly Learn How to Code. Over the years, she’s worked closely with product teams to improve the interactive learning environment and invent new approaches to teaching online. A former member of The Illuminator and founder of the feminist tech collective tendernet, Zoe is passionately working to change the tech landscape and drive political engagement through creative interventions and education initiatives. She holds a master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU and teaches at the School of Visual Arts.

Advice to Students:

As technology continues to transform our world, Vassar alums are uniquely equipped to lead. As we’ve seen with the advent of Generative AI, technological skills will rapidly evolve. In addition to learning STEM skills, prioritize enduring strengths: critical thinking, clear communication, and dynamic collaboration—both with humans and machines. Ground your expertise in justice and equity to ensure that future innovations improve the world for everyone. Vassar has equipped you to not just embrace change but to shape it, and as graduates you will navigate complexity with resilience and a commitment to a better, more inclusive future.

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