Julian Corbett ’19

Company / School: Garth Greenan Gallery

Position / Degree: Assistant Director


  • BA, Drama, Vassar College

Julian Corbett (he/him) is an Assistant Director at Garth Greenan Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Chelsea, New York, with a focus on established artists whose work deserves greater recognition and a particular emphasis on Indigenous contemporary artists. At the gallery, he maintains relationships with collectors and cultural institutions, liaises with artist studios and estates, assists in the planning of exhibitions and art fairs, and oversees gallery publications and marketing. Memorable projects have included assisting with the preparations for major museum retrospectives on Howardena Pindell at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and editing the catalogue for a recent exhibition at the gallery examining the work of and intertwining relationships between Pindell, Al Loving, Alan Shields, and Richard Van Buren.

Advice to Students:

While you’re still a student: take every opportunity you can to learn a subject, build a skill, or gain an experience that interests you, even if it seems far outside your major or “what you want to do in life.” This is a unique time to develop yourself and explore your passions, and it’s better to go out of your way now than realize you missed out on something later. Bonus points for keeping that attitude once you’re no longer a “student.” When you’re in the workplace: speak up when you don’t know something–asking for help, advice, or more information is generally better than making something up, and always more enlightening. On the flip side, don’t hold back any special knowledge or expertise you have–oftentimes difficult problems require creative solutions from unlikely backgrounds.

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