Emily Goddard ’15

Company / School: Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Position / Degree: Data Analyst


  • BA, Drama, Vassar College
  • MPH, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Climate Change and Health, Yale School of Public Health

Emily Goddard (she/her) is a data analyst at the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication based at the Yale School of the Environment. Her research interests are at the intersection of environmental sustainability and human health, with particular focus on mental health and the co-benefits of climate change mitigation and adaptation. She wrote her master’s thesis on the relationship between wildfire smoke-specific fine particulate matter and symptoms of anxiety and depression, for which she was awarded the Dean’s Prize for Outstanding MPH Thesis. She received her master of public health degree in 2023 from the Yale School of Public Health, where she did a concentration in climate change and health.

Advice to Students:

Think about what sort of lifestyle you want and how your career can fit into that. While it’s wonderful to be able to work in a field that you’re passionate about, it’s also important to consider what you want your day-to-day life to look like and how your job can be a sustainable part of that. Also know that it’s okay to try things out and explore different jobs and fields to figure out what you like and don’t like. You don’t have to have your career path figured out when you graduate!

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