Anabel Graff ’09

Company / School: Creative Connections Essays

Position / Degree: Founder


  • BA, English and Film, Vassar College
  • MFA, Fiction, Texas State University

Anabel Graff (she/her) is the winner of the 2014 Prada Feltrinelli Prize and of The Fiction Desk’s 2015 Ghost Story Competition. Her work has appeared in Day One, Prada Journal, Joyland, Joyland Retro, The Chicago Tribune’s Printer’s Row, Story|Houston, Blue Mesa Review, Front Porch Journal, The Fiction Desk, and The Southampton Review. She has taught in colleges, communities, and high schools in Texas, New York and, most recently, Alabama as the Writer-in-Residence at a boarding school. She is the founder of Creative Connections Essays, a writing coaching service. She lives and works in New York.

Advice to Students:

  1. If you imagine a compelling scene, hear a great line, catch a great image, come up with a great idea, write it down. 
  2. It might be in your interest to take “Principles of Accounting.” 
  3. No, really, I’m serious. Write it down. 
  4. Remember that life, like plot, is not always linear. 
  5. Write it down!

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